What You Can Expect When You List

When It's Time

When it's time to list your property, you are collaborating with a real estate professional who will be responsible for managing the sale of what is likely your largest asset. Not hiring the right professional for the job may cost you thousands – and you would never know it because you don’t have a second opportunity to sell. 

When you work with me, you can expect that I will be strategic in how your home is presented to the market and get the most buyer eyes on your property and get you top dollar – bottom line. 

Although I develop a unique marketing formula for each home I list, below is an overview of what you can expect:

My Pledge of Service

Listing what is likely your most valuable asset is something I take very seriously. Although we will sign a listing agreement outlining many of the listing terms, I want you to feel confident in your decision for me to represent you and your property. This Pledge of Service outlines what you can expect from me as your representative:




I will assist you in making a plan to prepare your home for sale and will help coordinate vendors.

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I will bring in my staging consultant to assess each room in your home and make recommendations in order to allow your home to appeal to the widest range of buyers.

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My professional photographer will take dozens of photos of your property and the top 25 will be included on the MLS listing. If your home has a view, I will also utilize drone photography.

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Potential buyers want to see how the can live in your home and how their furniture might fit in. My team will create a floorplan for buyers.

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My photographer will take photos with a special camera that weaves your whole home together and creates a 3D tour for buyers.

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I will place a yard sign with open house riders in your yard and directional signs will be installed on local corners.

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My professional photographer will take dozens of photos of your property and the top 25 will be included on the MLS listing. If your home has a view, I will also utilize drone photography.

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I will supply a binder of home information which will include school, neighborhood, amenities, boundary, and tax information.

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These will be placed throughout the home to highlight your home’s special features, especially those not obvious to potential buyers.

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These will be created and distributed to at least 100 neighbors or move-up buyers.


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I will follow up with each broker who shows your property to get feedback.



I will provide you with a weekly report which includes: Showings, Sign Calls, Feedback, Past Advertising, Website Traffic, Favorites, Interested Parties, and the marketing plan for the upcoming week.

Closing Coordination

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If your home receives multiple offers, I will create a spreadsheet so it is easy to compare the high points of the different offers. I will color-code this document so you can see the variables that are positive and things I am concerned about.

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There are several times negotiation may be needed in the contract to closing process—from negotiating the initial offer, inspection repairs, and dealing with possible low appraisals. I will negotiate on your behalf and work with you on creative solutions that keep the transaction moving forward.

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Whether you decide to allow pre-inspections or will allow inspections after the offer, I will coordinate with the selling agent and make sure these happen at an agreeable time.

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I will supply the appraiser with information about your home and recent sales in the neighborhood that support the contract price.

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It is in your best interest for the property to close and therefore, I will work collaboratively with the agent representing the buyers to solve any problems that arise.

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We will open title before listing which will identify any challenges with ownership and any liens that need to be cleared up. I will work with you to make sure title is clear.

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I will coordinate all deadlines and signing times with escrow and keep you informed.

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In the event the buyer for your property is getting a mortgage, I will make sure the buyer is preapproved and is a strong loan candidate by communicating with the lender. I will also make sure the buyer is following through on their obligations by getting the lender everything they need to keep the loan approval process moving forward.

Even if you are several months away from being ready to list, let's start the conversation now: