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San Antonio New Construction

The San Antonio area is growing and we are so lucky to have so many good homebuilders in our area. They offer different levels of quality finishes and a variety of amenities in their new home developments. Depending on what you are buying, new construction may not be that much more expensive than resale, and saving money on maintenance is a benefit to buying new.

A few things that local builders may offer

  • Energy efficiency 
  • New appliances 
  •  Upgraded finishes and trim 
  • Efficient and flexible floorplans 
  • Home warranty

You may even be able to choose your own custom lot, or customize the home with your preferred cabinet finishes and paint color. There are large builders and small builders in our market and I am sure we can find the right fit for you.

Have an advocate in your corner to help

I know how local builders work, the intricacies of the forms, plats, lots, timelines, financing, and builder warranties. My advice is to not expect the builder, the development’s listing agent, or the professional at the site model, to look out for your interests – they are there to get the home sold! You need your own advocate, not associated with the project, to represent you and make sure your wants and needs are met. I can work with you to write an offer on any new construction project in the area. I will share the pros and cons of the different developments that you are looking at and help you find the one that will best meet your needs.

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